Celebration Cut Diamond

The Celebration Cut™ is a series of dome-shaped cuts that challenges the visual performance of the very best round brilliant and fancy-shaped diamonds.

With a surface area that is roughly 1/3 larger than classic rounds of the same diameter The Celebration Cut™ shines its breathtaking new light well beyond traditional diamond styles Ė creating more total volume and more return of precious light and fire and sparkle.

The Celebration Cut™ has dramatic appeal to both men and women. Its unique patterning is vividly discernable at armís length, providing a powerful symbol of ultimate recognition for many new celebratory niches.

Sports-oriented themes are a natural - from golf to darts. Its design is easily adaptable to tennis, basketball, soccer, and football.

The Celebration Cut™ is the perfect talisman for discriminating tastes around the globe - especially for those who live where domes figure prominently in the cultural landscape.