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American Diamond Works offers three educational DIAMOND CUTTING WORKSHOPS.

Enrollment in each WORKSHOP is strictly limited to four (4) participants in order to provide the highest level of interaction with the instructor.

Only one WORKSHOP is scheduled during any four (4) day period.

These WORKSHOPS are briefly described as follows:

The ROUND BRILLIANT WORKSHOP is designed for those with little or no experience in cutting diamonds. This is the introduction to the craft. You are taught how to cut a modern round brilliant gem from a piece of rough diamond that has been pre-formed by sawing. The crystal orientation and therefore the faceting positions of this type of rough is the most rudimentary to learn. You will proceed through all the steps of cutting this gem and then keep your finished product. You are also instructed in basic repair of broken or chipped diamonds.

The WHOLE DIAMOND WORKSHOP is for those who have completed the introductory workshop or those able to demonstrate having reached the equivalent level of proficiency in diamond cutting. You are taught to cut any crystal orientation of whole rough diamonds into a modern round brilliant gem. You are also instructed in complete re-cutting of ‘old-European’ and ‘Old Mine’ cut diamonds to modern standards.

The FANCY DIAMOND WORKSHOP is for those with prior experience cutting round gems who wish to explore making the fancy shapes. You are taught to layout the various elliptical and straight-edged shapes to maximize both weight retention and beauty. These cuts include pear, oval, marquise, emerald, princess and trilliant as well as exciting new varieties of ‘fancy round’ cuts.

In each DIAMOND CUTTING WORKSHOP the theory and principals of diamond cutting are provided to you through daily lectures, hand-outs, white-board projections and diagramming. The majority of your time is spent gaining practical experience at the diamond cutting bench. Instruction is highly personalized. Evaluation of your progress is made on a daily basis.

All WORKSHOPS are offered in-residence only and are not available through correspondence.

For more detailed WORKSHOP descriptions download a PDF file.

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